Highly Recommend

Mark highly exceeded my expectations! He was so friendly and never hesitated to answer any questions I had. He’s extremely knowledgeable and made sure I understood the inspection report completely. I would definitely use him again for a home inspection.

Kayla Bell

Professional, Knowledgeable & Funny

As a first-time home buyer, I was thankful to be connected with Mark Roy. Throughout the inspection process, I felt as if I had my big brother alongside me – someone who not only had an incredible depth of knowledge relating to the many systems within the house but also someone who took the time to explain to me what he was looking for, what he found, and how each component functions. As a result, I felt comfortable moving forward with the purchase of my new home, negotiating a few key repairs and developing a helpful list of items for optimal maintenance. I would highly recommend Mark to friends and family as well as any future home buyer.

Karen Nisbet

Reliable and Informative

I had Mark inspect a house that I had just recently purchased and felt confident about his work. He explained to me what the issues were, how to look for them, and what I would need in order to fix them. It was a learning experience, as I am a first time home buyer.

Bryan Burlingham

First-time Homebuyer

As a first-time homebuyer, Mark was wonderful to work with for my inspection. He was extremely thorough and spent time carefully going through each area of the home. He educated me throughout the process as far as what he was looking for and also gave me information on how to best maintain my new home. It was extremely helpful and informative. Mark also provided a very detailed report within 24 hours of the inspection.

Kelsey Rynkiewicz

The best

We recently purchased a house that was built in 1919. We knew the house would need work but we didn’t know how much! Thankfully for Mark going above and beyond during the inspection! He was so thorough and we definitely recommend him to anyone. He was referred to us by our realtor and I’m so happy we met him! We didn’t end up buying the house because of his inspection. We had our contractor look at the report for some insite on how much things would cost he said it was best inspection report he’s ever read! So thorough! We plan on using mark again when we do find a home!

Karly Bruce

Above and beyond is an understatement

Mark Roy was highly recommend to us by our realtor and i can see why. Everything was explained in great detail in layman’s terms from basement to attic. Nothing was skipped over. Mark was extremely detailed in the written inspection report too. 70+ pages with photos. It was so well presented our contactor said it was one of the most thorough reports he had ever seen. You can feel safe knowing you will be making a well informed decision when Mark is in your corner.

Morgan Doyle

Couldn’t be happier

Mark was exceptionally thorough, finding and pointing out a number of issues across multiple items. He made us aware of at least $20,000 of up front repair costs that the home would require, and I left the inspection understanding not only the extent of those issues but how to go about getting them fixed. He took the time to explain each system he inspected, including both the pros and the cons. I would enthusiastically recommend him to friends and family.

Alex Hansen

Helpful and informative

Mark Roy went above and beyond!! He explained everything in great detail and and took his time while inspecting our home.
Mark was a pleasure to meet and work with and is prompt and exceptional.

Jesse Mitchell

Kind and Informative

Mark came and did the inspection during the buying process of my first house. He was incredibly informative and helpful during that time and his inspection very thorough. I was very impressed with the amount of knowledge that he had about so many different areas of home maintenance and care and his level of professionalism while answering questions, all while the experience felt casual and personable enough to be comfortable. Thanks Mark!

Stephen Foltz

Highly recommended

Mark Roy was incredibly professional when he conducted my home inspection. He is an absolute expert in his field, I would highly recommend him for a home inspection. He went above and beyond my expectations.

Angie Rossetto

Incredibly detailed report

Mark recently performed a home inspection for us and was not only punctual but extremely thorough, professional and knowledgeable. He was incredibly detailed in the written inspection we received and included photos and suggested solutions for all issues or potential problem areas. He went above and beyond to answer any questions we had after the inspection was completed.
We would highly recommend East Coast Home Inspections.

Martin Patry

Saved us from a major mistake.

Saved us from a major mistake buying first property. Water issues we did not know about. Used for second inspection on another property. All is good.

Tom Grenier

Very thorough report

The CD you included with the report was great help.

K. Johnson

Best report

We are so pleased … we are referring our uncle to you.

J. Deme

So grateful…

Thanks for spending the extra time to explain maintenance of our home.

N. Lecriski

Photos were a great help!

The digital photos helped the seller understand what repairs were needed.

D. Murray